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Some things are designed to work together - the Our Home Services Handyman Network.

If you can use a battery screw driver and fix things around your own home, we can turn those skills into $$$ earning $88.00 an hour.

I have been part of the Our Home Services Handyman network now for about six months.  From day one, I have been flat out.  I didn't realise there was so much work out there. I get to do all different sorts of handyman repairs on a daily basis. Joining Our Home Services is the best thing I have ever done and, I am happy and a lot more relaxed now, than when I was working as an employee.

Peter joined 2012

I joined Our Home Services because I wanted to work for myself as a handyman and didn't want to spend a fortune to set up.  The Our Home Services package represents really good value for money and after researching many different options, Our Home Services was the best.  I am very happy with the way my business is going and appreciate all the support from head office.

 Neale  joined 2012

Before I joined the Our Home Services Network, I was hunting around for business opportunities and, a family member in New Zealand had been doing some research and sent me the link to the OHS website.  I had a look and thought it's not the right time to go into business.....oh how I was wrong.  I met with Loraine and Warren and instantly new that they were honest, down to earth normal people operating what has and continues to be a very successful business.  I had some reservations about buying this opportunity but that was soon shelved.  Once I joined, from the word go, Loraine has been there for me anytime I need her and, I must say at the beginning, starting your own business can be a little daunting and I don't know how I would have done it so simply without Warren and Loraine's help.  Warren is one of us a tradesmen.  He knows how to do almost everything in the business so, between them, they are a very useful team.  I have only been with the OHS network for three weeks, September 2011, and I'm busy already and have work booked ahead of me.  I can't recommend enough that this investment so far seems like the best thing I have ever done.

Geoff  joined 2011

I joined the OHS network in 2010.  The support, assistance and back up from Head Office is always there. I decided to join after meeting Warren and Loraine and the OHS area represented good value for money and still does.  I am very happy with the income I am earning and the ongoing support.  I would recommend Our Home Services to others always.

Rob  joined 2010

Hi Loraine just checking in to let you know how we are going. I have only been going with OHS a short while; I am getting a fair bit of work through the internet; as well as referrals from private clients I have already done work for. I am really happy and this is reflected in my work and the referrals I am getting.  If I'd known it was going to be this good, this quickly, I would have done it years ago. An update - I have been with Our Home Services now for about six months and I know I keep saying it but this is the best thing I have ever done. I am flat out with at least two weeks' work in front of me. I have never been happier.

Martin joined 2011

Hi Loraine it was the best thing we ever did coming into contact with you and Warren.  Learning all sorts of stuff daily.  Getting lots of work.  My clipboard never gets under about half a dozen jobs. The marketing, when we first started up was invaluable. It was obvious OHS has done this many times before as, we didn't have any prior experience. Right from the start the impression you get from Loraine and Warren is honesty, integrity and a willingness to help you succeed.  We did not feel we were just another membership fee but part of something special.  This is the best decision we have made for our future. I would say if you get the chance to join then grab it with both hands, work hard and you will succeed. Thanks again.

Darren  joined 2010

I joined Our Home Services just over a year ago now.  At that time and, prior to joining, Warren and Loraine explained everything in great detail to me. They both gave me as much time as I needed then and now.  I had no idea about marketing so Loraine has done so well in giving me a great start.  When I joined I was earning less than $40.00 an hour and now earn more than $55.00 per hour. The backup is always there when I need it for things I have no idea about. The package represents great value for money.  OHS is very professional.  I would definately recommend OHS to other people and have already.

Michael  joined 2010

Hi Loraine I have been working six to seven days a week so everything is good this end. My clientele are varied and I'm booked out for weeks in advance.  This is a very good business!! Good steady work, good money, good clients.   What else does a business need?  I'll let you know if I run out of work but I don't think that will happen somehow.  The professional way I have been set up and the speed at which I get to properties and complete jobs is the reason my business is growing. I'm starting to turn work away as I have about three weeks work in front of me and more coming in.  Talk about slowing down to retirement, I'm getting faster. Thanks heaps.

Don M joined 2010 

"In April 2006 I started my own handyman/property maintenance business with Our Home Services. I never owned a business or had any business management skills prior to this. Warren and Loraine have been tremendous with encouragement and assistance, with registering my business, administration and marketing, and on the job training where required. Loraine is always happy to assist with any administration issues and Warren is always enthusiastic in sharing his vast knowledge and job skills. I would recommend Our Home Services to anyone wishing to start their own property maintenance business."


"I  joined the OHS network in November of 2008. I have gotten more work than I can handle and this is mainly due to the OHS process. My final decision to join was because of the honesty and integrity of OHS. You're a great team."


I was attracted to Our Home Services because of the way things were handled on the phone and subsequent meetings and, people doing what they said they would.  I wanted part time work and I certainly achieved that, it worked well for me.  The service I received was great and I thank you for that, hard to come by these days.  I have to say the Masters you guys supply are wonderful, it takes so much time to make up all that stuff for yourself, lovely to just push a button and it pops up, you certainly give more than you receive; we got our moneys worth compared to other businesses I have bought into.

Don C.

Join the Our Home Services Handyman Network


Our Home Services is a network of independently owned, successful, Handymen and Property Maintenance Repairers.

The property repair and maintenance market is under-serviced by professional Handymen that’s a given.

There are Our Home Services network members stretching from the Tweed to the Sunshine Coast.

Our Home Services network members do not need to be licensed builders or tradesmen.

It is important you have basic manual skills with some knowledge and ability. Our members come from different backgrounds – property maintenance, government employee, hardware shop owner, manufacturer, installation of pool fencing, Butcher.

Our Home Services network members take pride in professional presentation and are carefully selected so clients can be secure in the knowledge they have an honest, reliable person on their premises. Our network members undergo comprehensive training and foremost to them is customer satisfaction.

Our Home Services is not a franchise. It is a network of independently owned Handymen and Property Maintenance businesses.

We want to partner with people who want to be successfully self employed in a home based handyman business which can and does work, we’ve proved it!! people who recognize that a job doing is worth doing properly first time, who value the importance of clients; people who want to build a business as opposed to buying a job.

Apart from the elderly, most families today are two income families, time starved, not wanting or knowing how to spend their precious spare time undertaking repairs in and around the home. This means potentially there are literally thousands of people who need to meet you as an Our Home Services Network Owner

If you want to become part of a successful handyman network with a strong market share - Let's talk.  Your choices now are do nothing or take action.

There’s an old saying the secret of getting ahead is getting started. 

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The strength is the network